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English as an Additional Language

Brandwood School serves a community with a diverse range of cultures. The percentage of pupils with English as an additional language is 82% (January 2020) with 15% of these pupils at the early stages of learning English as a new language. Currently our pupil population is representative of 26 world languages, which we celebrate and learn from.

As a school, we aim to provide high quality, flexible provision for learners who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and are international new arrivals (INAs).  We ensure that all support strategies are focussed on achieving optimum personal and academic outcomes for all pupils thereby providing equality of opportunity for all.

'Pupils who speak English as an additional language achieve well because teachers and teaching assistants are welll practised in providing tailored support and equality of opportunity.' (Ofsted 2013)

The school has an established, structured and highly effective programme of support for children learning English as an additional language and our EAL team work hard to ensure consistently positive outcomes for our learners.  We provide a balance of classroom based and small group support in order to ensure that the language barrier is removed as quickly and effectively as possible.  Teachers work alongside the EAL team in order to tailor teaching and learning to meet the individual needs of all of our pupils.

Furthermore our EAL team support families, during the induction period and beyond, where we meet regularly with families and ensure that they feel well settled and happy within their new environment.  We are currently running English Language classes for parents once a week so that parents can also improve their understanding of the English Language.  The EAL staff are available in school and are happy to interpret for parents if necessary. Currently we are able to cater for: Gujarati, Urdu, Arabic or Somali speakers for this purpose.

EAL Team

Staff Member Languages Spoken
Mrs M Patel Gujarati & Urdu
Mrs R Patel Gujarati & Urdu
Mrs S Voraji Gujarati & Urdu
Mr Mohammed Somali & Arabic
Mrs S Ahmed Gujarati & Urdu

Since October 2013 school has attempted to provide home-school communication in the language preference of all families. Please note that for most languages, school uses a computer programme to translate, therefore it may not be entirely accurate. Below is a link to the Language Preference letter, please return it to school if you wish to receive home-school communication in a language other than English.

Language Preference Letter


In addition there are some resources below for other languages.

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